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Talent Acquisition Research Support 

Talent Acquisition Research Support has been designed to specifically support companies with Talent Acquisition and HR teams. This service provides significantly enhanced cost effectiveness and improved return on investment in your recruitment campaign.

Supporting Your Talent Acquisition Success

  • Helps to optimally manage the peaks of demand in your recruiting year.

  • Provides an additional resource to access candidates for the harder to fill roles.

  • Significantly reduces “time to hire” deadlines.

  • Is highly cost effective.

  • Is high quality.

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How Research Support works

  • Compliments your existing candidate search.

  • You remain in full control of the recruitment process.

  • An in-depth market evaluation and analysis of the  candidate “universe” is undertaken. 

  • Uses Identification and approach methodologies that have been developed over 20 years.

  • Persistent approaching by our highly experienced researchers —candidates may overlook initial approaches. Our studies have shown some candidates often require multiple phone approaches before responding with initial interest.

  • Provides a supply of candidates that have been appropriately qualified and have given their consent to be submitted (thereby being GDPR compliant) to give you greater choice.

Enabling a Broader Reach

If you would be interested in having a no obligation chat to see how we might be able to help you and your organisation complete the form below.

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