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Our Values

Remtec is a value led business and all decisions, tactical or strategic, short term or long term, are referenced to these seven values


We believe that business integrity is the most important guiding principle for our business. This means delivering on our promises to clients, candidates, employees, suppliers and business partners. We are not interested in short term actions that might provide short term gain but cause long term damage to our reputation and our self respect as an organisation.

Respect and Courtesy

We will treat all external and internal customers with a high degree of courtesy. We will be mindful of other people's beliefs and values.

Positive Attitudes

Our members of staff take pride in exuding a positive attitude at all times.

Working Conditions

We provide a positive and enjoyable working environment for our employees, where hard work and team work are well rewarded, not simply financially, but also with opportunity. Remtec expects employees to have a good balance between home/family life and work, and to take responsibility for ensuring that this benefits them, their families, their colleagues, and the business.

Laws and Regulations

We ensure that we understand the laws of the international territories we work within. We not only follow the letter, but also the spirit of these laws.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We understand and believe in the importance of making a contribution to the greater good. Our employees are encouraged to take civic responsibility, and the business endeavours at all times to behave in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Sound Financial Management

We are a commercial company and to that end we are intent on being financially well managed and focussed on making an honest profit. This thereby ensures stability for all our stakeholders by helping to guarantee the business' longevity and growth.

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