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Series 3 - Business masterclass

"What Venture Capitalists Want”With Rainer Christine and Joey Mason
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How to find the positive in any situationWith Avril Chester
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"What Venture Capitalists Want”

"What Venture Capitalists Want”

In this current podcast series entitled ‘Business Masterclass’ Nigel is talking with leading experts across a number of different sectors on how to succeed in business. This week's podcast takes Nigel into the world of early-stage investment, and he had the pleasure of talking with two expert guests, Rainer Christine and Joey Mason. Both these two leaders in early-stage investment have the perspective of being both venture capitalists and Founder CEOs Rainer describes himself as a “Life-science entrepreneur turned life-science investor“ with a “Focus on helping to build disruptive life-science companies that deliver strong benefits to patients and customers in a scalable fashion, leading to superior returns for shareholders. I am a strong believer in helping to create and support outstanding teams.” These are not just words for a LinkedIn profile; rather, his knowledge of and enthusiasm for this industry are evident throughout the entire episode. Joey Mason has invested in, directed and advised entrepreneurial businesses in all sectors of life sciences and healthcare from medical devices to health IT to biotechnology in Ireland, the EU and the US. He also brings multi-sector experience in a consumer health start-up, biotech corporate development and investment banking. Joey is clear in his thinking, straight talking, giving concise actionable advice. The advice and knowledge that they share would be beneficial to any founder or start-up looking into the idea of early-stage investment. During the podcast Nigel asks insightful questions including: • As a founder of a company, how do I get the attention of a VC investor? • What do I need to understand about the market I plan to launch a product in? • What are the main focus areas for my business to successfully gain investment? • In simple terms how do investment rounds work? • What due-diligence do VCs do when considering an investment opportunity? Nigel asks Rainer and Joey to summarise any advice they would give to anyone embarking on seeking venture capital investment. You’ll have to listen to hear their full advice but “kissing a lot of frogs” and “if you don’t love it, don’t do it” made it to their top tips! Hope you enjoy watching.
How to find the positives in any situation

How to find the positives in any situation

Welcome to series 3 of The Job Podcast. To start this new series on a positive note Nigel has had the pleasure of interviewing Avril Chester on the topic of Positivity. Avril is an award-winning Technology Entrepreneur, experienced CTO, Author, Podcast Host and Cancer Thriver. She has been featured in Computer Weekly's most influential women in UK Tech 2022, 2021 & 2020 long list, was the Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 Women in IT Awards winner, is the Founder of Cancer Central and author of 'Tech Treats and Treasures'. Avril has recently been appointed CTO for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. During the podcast Avril shares some very personal health experiences and talks about the “Radiators and Drainers” and how to boost positivity by the people you surround yourself with. Avril used her positivity combined with her technology expertise to develop Cancer Central, a growing platform helping people affected by cancer find the support and information they need. Avril shares her thoughts with Nigel on how she looks to find positivity in all areas of her life and the importance of having fun, it is therefore no surprise that her book 'Tech Treats and Treasures' is a compilation from 80 influential leaders sharing fun stories, nuggets of advice and words of encouragement to spread the positivity vibe (also worth noting that all proceeds of the book is put towards supporting the development of Cancer Central). Nigel asks Avril how she manages to stay positive and she shares some brilliant ‘pick me up’ questions that can help you turn a not-so-positive situation into a more positive one and how you can regain some form of control. The Podcast is fun, light hearted with some thought provoking topics – thank you for watching.