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Is Recruitment Broken or Just Out of Date - Order your copy now!

This book is designed as a ‘must-read’ for anyone involved in or responsible for business growth. New hiring managers: this book will give you the tools to embark on your   team-building career on the correct footing. However, even if you have been building teams for a long time, you will relate to many of the concepts in this book while still finding many areas that will radically update processes and supercharge your growth.


Nigel Job

After an initial career in technical sales and marketing in the field of healthcare, Nigel set up an executive recruitment company, Remtec Search and Selection, in 1998 (now known as Remtec Talent Management). Since then he has established a system for evaluating and attracting high performers for clients, which has been based on the study, observation and measurement of a wide range of individuals from all parts of the world.

Lorna Rutter

Having worked in the executive recruitment and talent acquisition sector since 2006 alongside Nigel Job, Lorna has worked on hiring systems and processes that over time have aided companies to attract the very best talent and equally find the very best talent their perfect jobs. Lorna is a firm believer in making sure those systems and processes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual client and applicant. This book enables companies to define and refine their currents processes and procedures to ensure they achieve the ultimate outcomes.

Is Recruitment is Broken or Just Out of Date is an essential and innovative guide to transforming your approach to recruitment in order to attract and retain High Performance Talent.

Discover how to:

  • Understand the economic necessity of building a robust and more reliable system of recruiting your team.

  • Unlock the seven characteristics of High Performance Talent.

  • Ask the right questions (extensive examples are included) to evaluate performance, behaviors and fit to the role.

  • Develop a structured recruitment process that will lead you to hiring success.that will supercharge business growth.

Find out more by taking a peak inside...

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