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Copyright and Legal Notices

The Information presented at this Site and contained on this Server is protected by a compilation copyright in the United Kingdom and in other countries.
In addition, certain included Information is copyrighted by others. Copying, storing in machine-readable form, downloading, selling, publishing or otherwise disseminating the Information by viewer is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Remtec Talent Management Ltd. 
The viewer is only authorised to view this site for informational purposes, and shall not use the Information to provide advice or make recommendations to others.
The information contained at this site and on this server is the property of Remtec Talent Management Ltd.
The Information contained at the site on this server is subject to change without prior notice and does not carry any contractual obligation for Remtec Talent Management Ltd. Remtec Talent Management Ltd reserves the right to make changes to any products or services described or referenced to in the site on this server at any time without prior notice.
Remtec Talent Management Ltd shall not be responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of the use of the Information contained at this site on this server

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